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A Healthcare IT Ecosystem

eMedirex™ is a product of Amarac Technologies Incorporated. It is a comprehensive healthcare IT ecosystem to empower healthcare services providers—hospitals, clinics, Laboratories, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers (HCPs) in delivering better patient care, engaging patients in health & wellness, achieving operational efficiency, reducing cost, increasing profit, and advancing digital transformation.

The eMedirex product line has three products; eMedirex HCS, eMedirex PAS, and eMedirex LIMS. eMedirex HCS™ is the full fledged EMR system, with thirteen modules, including Patient, Consultation, Admission, Surgery, Schedule, Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy, Finance, and Asset to radically transform the end-to-end process of a full service healthcare business operations.

eMedirex PAS™ enables pharmacy practices to effectively integrate the operations of multiple facilities, manage inventory, stock, purchases, returns, and vendors, manage dispensing, revenue stream (billing/payment), and gain operational insight via reports and analytics for purchases, drug classifications, sales, drug expiration, free drugs, top selling drugs, and sales returns.

eMedirex LIMS™ is a fully automated and configurable lab information management system, which enables medical diagnostic labs to setup lab packages, setup lab tests, manage lab orders, reporting, and billing. It can be integrated with lab devices and prescribers.

EHR Solutions

Healthcare Solutions for Specific Services

eMedirex HCS™

eMedirex™ is a one-stop-shop healthcare solution for managing the end-to-end healthcare delivery process. It is not just an EMR system; it is a robust platform that has everything one needs to administer the entire healthcare delivery ecosystem, from a single out-patient clinic to a full-service in-patient hospital with multiple locations. It has modules that cover everything from appointment management, patient chart management, lab and pharmacy administration, to finance and facility management. Read more...

eMedirex PAS™

eMedirex PAS™ is a healthcare solution built on the Amarac eMedirex platform — a robust Pharmacy Information Management System that allows your pharmacy practice to effectively manage inventory, dispensing, revenue stream (billing/payment) and assets. eMedirex™ PAS provides improvements in organizational procedures, regulatory compliance, labor costs, as well as other benefits, such as improved safety, quality assurance, and data security. Read more...

eMedirex LIMS™

eMedirex LIMS™ is an integrated system that empowers laboratory and diagnostic businesses to increase the efficiency and productivity of their medical laboratory and diagnostics business and achieve. eMedirex LIMS is built on the eMedirex platform — a robust architecture that ensures scalability, extensibility, and security. Read more...

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